Increase your capital by 20% net per year

What banks and insurers don't give you, we return it to you.

Because our operating costs are much lower than those of institutional investors;
Because our market analyzes are streamlined and secured by sophisticated algorithms;
Because we are a high-yield investment fund with absolute transparency;
Because, for over twenty years, our verifiable results have demonstrated the relevance of our methods;

We, SP Services Ltd, provide your savings with a net return of 20% per annum.

Have you saved money over the years, and you don't know how to make it grow?
You've probably considered putting your money in a savings account at the bank, but interest rates are currently at historic lows, and you know they won't get you anything.
That's where we come in: our regular return investment fund allows you to grow your money and earn up to 20% per year net.

high yield funds for a winning investment

Support conditions :

Minimum 10'000 €/$/£

Capital fixed over 2 years

Various interest payment methods (monthly or other)

invest in a high yield fund, 24% per year

MARCH 2023

Key figures

Technical characteristics of the Multi Turbo Algo

Figures from MyFxBook-FxBlue & MT4 Report (Broker)

Profit Factor  1,48
Linearity Coefficient  0,998
Sharpe ratio  51.57
Number of trades in profit 77,59%
Number of losing trades 22,41%
Total Trades 3958
Monthly volatility  1,91%
Maximum loss in closed trades 1,14%
Performance to date 18,30%
Average profit per month 1,54%
Estimated return per year 20,11%
Risk / Profit Ratio  7,30%
Average duration of a trade 46h 18m


Days trading 272 number of trading days
Monthly average Return 1.54% performance per month
Weekly Return 0.34% performance per week
Daily Return 0.07% performance per day
Weeks : 51 winning - 4 losing 92.16% % of winning weeks compared to losing weeks
Months : 13 winning - 0 losing 100% % of winning months compared to losing months
Worst Day % -1.10% the worst day
Worst week % -1.10% the worst week
Worst Month % 0.76% the worst month
Worst closing DrawDown 1.14%
Risk/Reward Ratio 6.74 the ratio between realized profits and cashed losses on closed trades: more the ratio is higher, more greater are the gains compared to the cashed losses
Investment Company SP Services Ltd
Company Bank Afrasiabank Bank Ltd Mauritius
Broker JM Financial - Kuwait City
Broker Bank Gulf Bank - Kuwait City
Audit Company SRA Partners LLP Mauritius


leviers maxi des trades

An algorithm is the description of a sequence of steps allowing to obtain a result from elements provided as input. For example, a cooking recipe is an algorithm for obtaining a dish from its ingredients. Algorithmic trading uses computer codes and software to open and close positions according to predefined rules, such as price changes in the underlying market. We trade by our algorithms on a day trading basis and mainly in swing trading.

example of investment of your capital and earnings over 1 year

20 % nets per year

Example of earnings with 100'000€ deposited, over 1 year

The only requirement in the contract that binds us to you, we ask you to commit to at least 2 years without withdrawing your capital.
This is in order to always keep a long-term view, and not disrupting long-term strategies.
On the other hand, we can - according to your choice - pay you your benefits every month, or on your request pay you X months of benefits.

Example: You have deposited 100,000€
Your profits are 1'460€ (approximately) per month.
You can collect them every month (as income), or let them increase your capital. You choose.

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One-year trades (2022)

A year of winning trades


We are multi-strategy, like most of the major Forex funds listed, not single-strategy, like some of the robots that crashed in March 2020.

Why trust us?

Consistency - security - reliability

Our strategies are back tested over 20 years

Thus covering 98% of the possible events influencing the financial markets (major financial crisis - war - major bankruptcy - Fukushima - pandemic ....etc).

  • So strategies that incorporate periods of low volatility as well as periods of very high volatility.
  • But in addition, to the back tests that hold during all these periods of crisis, we add our Security rules drawn from our observation and experience of the markets during all these periods of crisis, or strong economic announcements ... So double security management.
  • The strengths of our system philosophy:
    1. Consistency: all our strategies last 20 years and, above all, there is no losing month in the back test.
    2. The only possible negative effects in Live are:
      1. The application of mid-night swaps
      2. Possible runtime issues(broker-server)
    3. Security: this is the basis of the soul of our system through risk control. We prefer to earn less but guarantee the longevity of the capital, because if there are no losses, the profits come almost automatically.
    4. Reliability: by the duration of our back tests over 20 years, we cover almost all the events that can influence the markets, but also by the volume of data covering this 20-year period which gives the reliability of the statistical results. This is a basic mathematical rule: the broader the basis of the calculations, the more reliable the results on this basis are.

Help families and individuals

Savings to invest? How to invest them?

Our fund makes your money grow thanks to its algorithm with the Forex pairs currencies

We understand that the world of investments can seem daunting to people who are not experts in the field, which is why we have designed our fund to be simple and accessible to everyone.

You can invest with a minimum amount of 10'000 euros, or tens of thousands of euros, which makes our fund accessible to a wide range of small investors.

We pride ourselves on providing transparent and honest service to our customers, with reasonable and clear fees. You can track your investment's performance each month with our simple, easy-to-understand monthly summary to track your portfolio's growth.

In summary, our high-yield investment fund is the ideal solution for families and individuals looking to grow their savings.

With a return of up to 24% per annum (gross, 20% net) and transparent service, we finally provide an affordable solution for families and individuals.

Facts et dates


20 years of back-testing on MT4


13 years of positive results


Gross gains per year

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